Safety Committee

Updated 19 March 2021

Nehemiah 4:9

But we prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night to meet this threat.

Psalm 122:7

Peace be within your walls and security within your towers.

The Safety Committee was established in January 2019 with a Church Council approved Emergency Preparedness Policy. The current Committee members are Mike Theimer, Chairperson, Tim Rucker, Secretary, Rusty Merrill (Medical Emergency Response Team lead - MERT), Martine and Dan Vogel.

We currently have four who have volunteered to become the Safety Team for Mountain View UMC that patrol the parking lot and monitor the Narthex. We currently have three volunteers who monitor the security cameras. We hope to recruit and train additional Safety Team members to meet the safety needs of our church.

If you are interested in serving on the Safety Committee and/or Safety Team, contact Mike Theimer.

Protecting our church from potential criminal activities requires a balanced approach that integrates crime prevention strategies and security technologies with the overall mission of the church. It is critically important to recognize that risk mitigation must complement the activities of our church and not interfere with its outreach and service ministry.

We have installed outside and inside security cameras. The Safety Team will be monitoring the security cameras and securing all church doors on Sunday's. They will be wearing two-way radios and monitoring all those entering our church from the parking lots.

We have created a special volunteer position that is dedicated to monitoring the security cameras. They will sit in the admin office and communicate with the Safety Team via two way radios anything suspicious or other safety issues in or around the building. If you are interested in volunteering for this very important volunteer position, please contact Mike Theimer.

Rusty Merrill, Patti Metz and Sharon Pletcher have formed the Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT). They will respond to any first aid, CPR and AED emergencies on Sunday's. We are looking for additional volunteer MERT members with or without medical backgrounds. Contact Rusty Merrill if you are interested in this important ministry service.

Documents - Safety Operations Plan

Click this link to download the Safety Team protocols and procedures.

Click this link to down load the Disruptive Person protocol.

Click this link to download the "Bag/package carry-in" policy.

Click this link to download the Medical Emergency protocol.

Click this link to download the Fire Emergency protocol.

Click this link to download the Weather Emergency protocol.

​Online Training

Safety Team Presentation - information about the Safety Team and Medical Emergency Response Team.

Click this link to view the Mountain View Methodist Church online awareness and training course. Then click the play button.

This course was created based on the need of the  average citizen to be able to identify threats in any environment so they may know what to report and how to report it; increasing the likelihood of intercepting violence before it can occur. Click for free online course.

Click this link to view FourSquare Church active shooter training video.

Click this link to view the Liberty University's "Run, Hide, Fight" training video.

Click this link to view 'Until Help Arrives' - FEMA.

Click this link to view the Safe Sanctuary supplemental online training course.

Click this link to view the Human Trafficking awareness video.

Click this link to learn about Recognizing 8 Signs of Terrorism.