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Inspiring Hymn Stories

Diane Browning, 6 weeks, 6:00pm, beginning 2/19/2024

Each week, the class will study 2-3 traditional hymns and the inspiring true stories behind them. We will hear God speak as we explore the historical and theological underpinnings of these well-loved hymns and how the writers continue to spiritually connect with us today.

Image by Marcin Nowak

Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England.

Mike Bryant, 6 weeks, 6:00pm, beginning 4/8/2024 

Easter is our most important holiday, but you won't find that word in the New Testament—it comes from the pagan goddess of fertility, evidence of the Church's strategy for converting the barbarians.  In this class we examine both the conversion and how Christianity united the Anglo-Saxon tribes when the Vikings tried to conquer Britain.

Hands Holding a Dove

Accessing the Holy Spirit; The Prayer of Saint Francis

Barbara Royal, 7 weeks, 4:00pm, beginning 4/8/2024

Using two lines each week from The Prayer of Saint Francis or if you choose, a section from Kent Nerburn’s book that illuminates the way of the Spirit found in the Prayer, we will rely on the Holy Spirit to show us how we can further bless our lives and world. We will use an ancient form of Christian prayer to access the Holy Spirit to help us stay alert to God’s words rather than our own. Those who wish can share with the group what has been revealed to them. Who knows, perhaps Spirit may be using us to author a book! You can purchase Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace by Kent Nerburn, from

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