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God’s Kingdom of love

Have you ever looked at the way things are in the world and get frustrated?   I think there are a lot of people who are like that today.   The only problem is that the things that they respond to are often harmful.  They lash out in anger and resentment and people get hurt.

Do you think Jesus ever looked at the world and got frustrated?.  Sure he did and he did something about it.  He healed people who were suffering, he addressed injustice and how people treated and excluded others for who they were and what they did.   He didn’t just let things be and  when people finally had enough of it they crucified him.  

Today there is a lot of discussion about who and what a Christian is.  To me, it’s someone who not only believes in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior but also follows him and does what he does.  What Jesus did a lot was not to let things be that hurt people. He did something about them and in doing so changed the world. Because he changed the world he was crucified. Three days later he arose from the dead. 


His death and resurrection gives us the confidence not just to stand there and let things be.  We are world changers: changing the world so that it reflects more of God’s Kingdom of love and grace, compassion and forgiveness.  Jesus didn’t do it with resentment or violence,  He did with love and so should we do it with love as well.   

This Sunday, June 9,  I will be preaching on Mark 3: 20-35 and sharing how we don’t have to let things be but we can make them better and bring us closer to God’s Kingdom of love .   

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