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“The Contemporary Christian Roundtable is an adult Sunday school class within Mountain View United Methodist Church of Woodland Park, Colorado. The group has three objectives. They are to (1) study topics which will empower and inform our faith, (2) enhance our ability to articulate and express our faith and (3) be a supportive and reconciling faith community within the larger Mountain View community. We honor and celebrate the diversity of all God’s Creation and welcome ALL people (including all sexual orientations and gender identities), regardless of who they are, where they have been, or what they believe. All are invited to join us in study, service, prayer, and the thoughtful, honest sharing of our faith journey.”

The class meets in-person in the multipurpose room at Mountainview from 8:30- 9:45 am, Sunday Mornings. Virtual members may participate via Zoom.  A Zoom link is sent out to members at 8:15 am each Sunday. To learn more email Fred Tinsley at or Sam Gould at 

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