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The Integration Team will be coordinating the Dinner Groups.  We did these before COVID and they were a lot of fun.  Dinner groups build connections with fellow church members.   Meeting over a meal, bonds people together.


How it works:

  • Groups will be assigned by the Integration Team pairing newer members with longtime members.   They will be a group of 6 or 8.

  • Each month a member of the group will host a dinner at their home, or you can decide to go out.

  • Host will determine the menu based on the group’s dietary restrictions.

  • Host determines with the group the date and time to meet.  It can be a lunch or a dinner.

  • Host provides the main dish.   If eating out, host may pay for apps or dessert.

  • Participants of the group will bring a salad, rolls, vegetable, dessert or appetizer.

  • Groups are encouraged to change members once a year in order to ensure you meet new members.



We would like to get these groups coordinated and started by May.   Please fill in the signup sheet in the Narthax or email or call Angela Thelin at  or 203-824-2750.  If emailing or calling , the information needed is you name(s), whether you want to be with singles or couples, your phone, email, and whether your preference is to Eat In/out, and whether you want a group that meets days or nights.


Information is needed by April 1 to get us going.

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